Leak Detector Rentals


Rent - Alcatel ASM 180T

The Alcatel ASM 180 Series is extremely flexible and easy to operate. It provides automatic operation throughout the range from atmospheric sniffer tests, test of long gas lines or tubings, large gross leak mode and ultra sensitive vacuum fine leak test mode. It can be used for the test of components, systems or complete installations.

  • The most widely used and most rugged industrial leak detector on the market
  • Compact design - offers more performance than console models
  • Three test modes: gross leak, normal, sniffing
  • Uses one hybrid turbo pump with a high capacity 2021A roughing pump
  • Dry version (TD+) uses an additional molecular drag pump with Alcatel's unique multistage high capacity roots dry pump
  • Comes with user friendly remote control unit
  • Comprehensive I/O features for integration

Please contact our sales team at 801.486.1004 or rentals@lacotech.com to review your application and to verify availability.

Custom options and systems are available. Request a Quote to meet your needs.