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Weekly Rental - Alcatel ASM 180T

The Alcatel ASM 180T rental unit is an ideal choice for any helium mass spectrometer leak testing needs. With it large roughing capacity and turbo pump it can be used on any large system needing vacuum leak testing. It provides automatic operation throughout the range of gross to fine leak testing with an optional sniffer operation with sniffer probe included.

  • Three test modes: gross leak, normal, sniffing
  • Uses one hybrid turbo pump with a high capacity 15 cfm roughing pump
  • Comes with remote control display pendant
  • Each rental unit will include an accesory package with a NW 40 vacuum hose, helium spray probe, helium sniffer probe, pendant and a several NW and NPT adaptors.


Monthly rental rates available for as low as $2000/month. If you have a mass spectrometer helium leak detector in need of repair and can't afford any downtime, LACO will offer a 50% discount on our monthly rental rate while your unit is serviced at LACO.

Please contact our sales team at 801.486.1004 or Rental Equipment to review your application and to verify availability.

Custom options and systems are available. Request a Quote to meet your needs.

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