Meet demanding quality standards with Vacuum Gauge Calibration services from LACO Technologies. Our calibration lab services all types of vacuum gauges—most shipping in 2 weeks or less. Calibrations are charged per sensor/gauge. Any associated controllers, displays or power supplies can be included with the gauge sensors so they can be calibrated as a set. 

LACO Vacuum Gauge Calibrations Services Feature

  • Calibration Range: 1000 Torr down to 1 x 10-7 Torr
  • Comparison Points: Typically 3 points per decade over the range of the gauge
  • Vacuum Gauge Types: Pirani, Convection, Piezo, High Accuracy Baratron/Capacitance Manometer, Hot Cathode/Ionization/Bayard-Alpert, Cold Cathode/Inverted Magentron/Penning, Combination, Spinning Rotor (SRG), Thermocouple
  • Fast Delivery: 2 weeks standard, 1 week or less expedited (upon request)
  • Responsive Technical Support Staff: Within 24 hours of receiving your inquiry
  • Vacuum Gauge Brands: MKS, Inficon, Granville-Phillips, Instrutech, Televac, Thyracont, Pfeiffer, Kurt J. Lesker, Vacuubrand, Oerlikon-Leybold, Balzers and others

Vacuum Gauge Calibration Orders

  • Direct: Contact the Calibration Lab directly at 801-486-1004 or toll free at 800-465-1004
  • Online: Submit this form for Vacuum Gauge Calibration Services
  • Note: Vacuum gauges sent to LACO that are damaged making calibration not possible, will be subject to a $100 evaluation fee and the calibration service charge will be waived. Equipment requiring excessive cleaning and/or additional repair prior to calibration will be subject to an additional $50 service fee, which will be quoted to customer prior to any extra work being performed