The AURA™ Compact Air Leak Tester is a flexible, reliable and cost effective solution for your air leak testing requirements. This standard platform can be configured to one of many standard test methods or select from one of our common product configurations.

The AURA Compact can be used in an array of industries for leak testing a diverse range of parts.

Besides its unique sets of specifications, the AURA Compact can store over 5 million test results for QC analysis, and record tracking. This instrument is the long-awaited economical solution which manufacturers have been demanding—flexibility and performance along with a built-in ISO 17025 certified/NIST traceable calibrated leak standard with a lifetime warranty.

To demonstrate the AURA Compact’s performance capabilities, LACO Technologies welcomes customers to send in samples to run preliminary and feasibility tests in our leak testing lab. Or request a demo from one of our representatives.