Helium Leak Detector Rentals and Lease-to-Own units for vacuum or sniffing helium leak detection. Units are available to rent from stock with same day shipments. 


  • Rental time starts when you receive the unit and ends when unit is returned
  • No rental time charged for shipping time
  • No additional cleanup fees charged upon return
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly rentals available
  • 2-year lease-to-own available on new TITANTEST leak detectors
  • 50% discount on monthly rentals while we service your leak detector here at LACO. Avoid downtime on your leak detector repairs with our monthly rentals.

Units Available to Rent

Learn more about our rental and lease options below. For TITANTEST rentals, see our TITANTEST Helium Leak Detector Lease & Rental Program brochure. 

SERVICE BULLETIN: ASM 180T Leak Detector Family Now Obsolete

Alcatel models ASM 180T, ASM 180TD, ASM 181T, ASM 181T2, ASM 181TD+, and ASM 181T2D+ are now obsolete. See our Service Bulletin to see your service, rental, and trade-in options.