ASM 180TD Leak Detector image

SERVICE BULLETIN: ASM 180T Leak Detector Family Now Obsolete

Alcatel models ASM 180T, ASM 180TD, ASM 181T, ASM 181T2, ASM 181TD+, and ASM 181T2D+ are now obsolete. See our Service Bulletin to see your service, rental, and trade-in options.


Put our experts on your team and access our network of service technicians with the training and experience to service all brands of helium leak detectors. Repairs and Preventive Maintenance services are available either in-house at LACO, or on-site at your location.


Preventive maintenance

Protect your investment and maximize your uptime with our on-site Preventive Maintenance (PM) program for TITANTEST P-series and M-series leak detectors. 

  • Avoid costly downtime
  • Free technical phone support
  • Receive discounts on repairs and upgrades
  • Choose from single or multi-year packages
  • Training seminars (in-house, off-site, or webinar)

Questions? Contact our leak test experts or call us at 800-465-1004 for support.