LACO Technologies is the headquarters service and repair facility for the complete family of TITANTEST helium leak detectors.

TitanTest Helium Leak Detector Services

  • Leak detector repair and overhaul
  • Turbo pump bearing changes or re-greasing
  • Rotary vane pump repair and overhaul
  • Mass spec and preamp repair and rebuild
  • Extensive diagnostics capabilities
  • Leak standard calibration service
  • Upgrades and retrofits
  • Preventative maintenance and rebuild programs
  • Rush turnaround service available
  • Rental leak detectors available
  • Three-month warranty on parts and labor

TitanTest Helium Leak Detector Parts and Accessories

  • Full line of consumables for your leak detector: oil, oil mist eliminators, filaments, valve rebuilds, o-rings, filters, turbo wick changes
  • Accessories include inlet filters, inlet chambers, carts, remotes, oil change kits, vacuum hoses, spray probes and sniffer probes

SERVICE BULLETIN: ASM 180T Leak Detector Family Now Obsolete

Alcatel models ASM 180T, ASM 180TD, ASM 181T, ASM 181T2, ASM 181TD+, and ASM 181T2D+ are now obsolete. See our Service Bulletin to see your service, rental, and trade-in options.