LACO Technologies is a authorized service and repair facility for the complete family of Inficon helium and hydrogen leak detectors. LACO has extensive experience troubleshooting and repairing the full line of Leybold and Pfeiffer helium mass spectrometer leak detectors.

Helium Leak Detector Services

  • Leak Detector Repairs and Overhauls
  • Turbo Pump Wick and Bearing Changes, Cleaning or Factory Exchanges
  • Rotary Vane pump repair and overhaul
  • Mass Spec and Preamp repair and rebuilds
  • Preventative maintenance on common failures
  • Extensive diagnostics capabilities
  • Leak standard calibration service
  • Component level electronics repairs
  • Upgrades and retrofits
  • Rush turnaround service available
  • Rental leak detectors available at a discount
  • Three-month warranty on parts and labor

Helium Leak Detector Parts and Accessories

  • Full line of consumables for your leak detector: Oil, Ion Sources, Seals, O-rings, Turbo Oil Wicks, Filters
  • Accessories include inlet filters, inlet chambers, carts, pendants, oil change kits, vacuum hoses, spray probes and sniffer probes
Inficon Models 
Leybold Models
Pfeiffer Models
LDS2010 Module
UL100 and UL200 Ultratest
HLT 570 Smart Test
LDS3000 Module
ASM 310 and ASM 340
Modul 1000
Phoenix L300
ASM 182 and ASM 192

ASI 20