LACO’s suite of TITANTEST™ Helium Mass Spectrometer Leak Detectors bring you powerful solutions targeting the unique challenges of today’s leak testing applications. Meet the demands of your leak testing process with a feature-rich design and an unparalleled choice of options and accessories. 

NEW! TITANTEST P-Series for Production

Meet the unique demands of production leak line testing with the new TITANTEST Production leak detector. Enjoy enhanced oil management, seamless integration of support peripherals, and an exclusive service package including:

  • Product warranty on leak detector, ion source, and leak standard
  • 72-Hour uptime guarantee
  • 24/7 product support program
  • Free calibrated leak exchange program

TITANTEST M-Series for Maintenance

For service and maintenance applications, the TITANTEST Maintenance leak detector is configured to give you the features and accessories you need at a competitive price. Features include:

  • Fast startup time of <3 minutes
  • Four Test Modes: Vacuum including gross, fine and ultra, and sniffing 
  • Single buttons for Power Up, Auto-Calibration, and Test Cycle
  • Fast Leak Testing and response time
  • Helium spray and sniffer probe


Learn about TITANTEST leak detectors by selecting a product below or use our product configurator to customize your TITANTEST.

SERVICE BULLETIN: ASM 180T Leak Detector Family Now Obsolete

Alcatel models ASM 180T, ASM 180TD, ASM 181T, ASM 181T2, ASM 181TD+, and ASM 181T2D+ are now obsolete. See our Service Bulletin to see your service, rental, and trade-in options.