Read test results when you're not standing next to your TITANTEST Leak Detector using one of our Remote Control devices—TR100 (wired), or TR101 (wireless). The remote control comes with a colorful LCD display with graphing capability and Green and Red GO/NO-GO (pass/fail) indicators. This feature is ideal for both production and maintenance applications alike. Additionally, the remote can be truly hands-free by using the strong mounting magnets located on the back side of the remote—simply attach the handheld remote to any metal surface you are working on.

Remote Control Features 

Color Display

leak detector remote control

Monitor Pump Down Screen

Leak Detector Pump Down

Easy-to-Read Display: Graphically monitor leak rate

helium leak rate display

Controls: Rugged and Durable Control Buttons

Helium Leak Detector Remote Control - TitanTest - LACO