Custom-Built Vacuum Chambers and Systems can be built to any dimension with materials such as stainless steel, aluminum or acrylic for medium to high vacuum applications. LACO's application engineers are dedicated to creating high performance designs with the appropriate vacuum accessories required for your vacuum application. 

Custom options such as additional ports, feedthroughs and integration with vacuum accessories can be quoted upon request.

  • Custom Vacuum Chamber: Complete our Custom Chamber form—select the options you require and submit for formal quotation
  • Project Design Assistance: Contact us using our Contact form or contact us at 800-465-1004


  • NPT Ports: 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4", 1" etc. (half couplings or full couplings)
  • NW or KF Flanges: NW 16, NW 25, NW 40, NW 50 etc.
  • ISO Flanges:  ISO 63, ISO 80, ISO 100, ISO 160, ISO 200 etc.
  • CF Flanges: CF 1.33", CF 2-3/4", CF 3.5", CF 4.5", CF 6", CF 8" etc.
  • Other: Swagelok, VCR, VCO,  ASA flanged, O-ring compression


  • Coaxial: Specify what type (BNC, MHV, SHV, Type N, SMA) and whether you need shielded or double ended
  • Electrical: Specify # of conductors, amps, voltage per feedthrough. Also available in Type C and D Sub (9,15,25 and 50 pin) and multi pin
  • Rotary Shaft: Specify shaft size 3/8" or 1/2" or larger and desired RPM. Standard is Ferro Fluidic style
  • Thermocouple: Specify connector type (push on, screw type) and # of wire pairs, thermocouple wire types: K, C, E, J, T, N, R, S. Up to 5 pairs available per T/C feedthrough
  • Fluid: Specify # of lines and diameter and preference for end connections (NPT, Swagelok compression or Swagelock VCO or VCR)
  • Fiberoptic
  • Tubing: Compression style. Specify tube diameter


  • ISO 100 (4" diam view), ISO 160 (6" diam view), ISO 200 (8" diam view) - standard borosilicate glass viewports
  • NW 25, NW 40, NW 50 glass blankoff viewport
  • Custom rectangular acrylic viewport 


  • Fully removable 304 SS or aluminum shelves or trays supported on rails
  • 304 SS slide out shelves with extension rail system for easy load and unload
  • Shelves with underneath strip electric heaters for direct contact heating
  • Thermal platens with machined cooling circuit for use with external thermal chillers
  • Fully removable tray/rack system on rails for a high volume of parts


  • Customized internal LED mounted lighting
  • Includes electrical feedthroughs for LED lighting power with 120 volt external transformer
  • Lighted viewports


Choose from either an extruded aluminum framed cart, a stainless steel welded frame or a powder coated steel welded framed cart. Standard carts included two locking and rotatable casters. Options are also available for powder coated cart panels with magnetic locks for easy access.