Choose from the LVO Series Configurable Vacuum Ovens or our custom designed and manufactured vacuum ovens. Both offer a broad temperature and vacuum range to meet your exacting requirements. Vacuum ovens are available in both high vacuum (10-3 to below 10-7 Torr) and medium vacuum (Atm to 10-3 Torr) ranges.


  • Temperature: Ambient to 300° C
  • Vacuum: Atmospheric pressure to below 10-7 Torr
  • Size Range: Cube or cylindrical designs up to 50"
  • Thermal Control System: Automated thermal cycles, ramp rates
  • Vacuum Control System: Manual or fully automated vacuum system control

OTHER Options

  • Air, water cooling
  • RGA
  • Inert gas purging
  • Internal shelf heating/cooling
  • Mechanical and instrumentation feedthroughs
  • Hybrid convection oven design

Applications include vacuum drying, vacuum bake out & degassing, vacuum curing resins & compounds, thermal testing, environmental testing, and moisture removal.

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