Dry Piston Vacuum Pumps feature oil- and water-free economical aluminum design, and are available in two configurations—Standard Duty (one stage) and High Throughput Standard Duty (two stage). Oil- and water-free design makes these dry piston vacuum pumps ideal for non-corrosive applications.


  • Vacuum to either 15 Torr (29 inHg) or 45 Torr (27.9 inHg)
  • Two flow rates: 4.4 or 7.0 CFM
  • No water or oil needed
  • Includes inlet trap with gauge and adjustable vacuum regulator
  • Includes exhaust silencer and on/off switch with 6 foot power cord.

Applications (Non-Corrosive)

  • Back molecular drag pumps
  • Altitude Simulation
  • Product Testing
  • Filtration or Aspiration
  • Evacuation of helium bombing chambers.  
  • Drying