Take full control of your vacuum system and temperature requirements with LVO Series Configurable Vacuum Ovens. With a broad temperature and vacuum range to meet your requirements, our vacuum ovens are ideal for vacuum drying, vacuum bake out & degassing, vacuum curing resins & compounds, thermal testing, environmental testing, and moisture removal.

LVO Series Vacuum Ovens feature an 18" diameter by 24" long SS horizontal cylindrical design with a single internally heated shelf, or a 20" SS cube design with an adjustable height, internally heated shelf with the option to add an additional three heated shelves. In addition, the 20" cube vacuum oven can be configured to run the internally heated shelves on two independently controlled heat zones. LVO series vacuum ovens include color touch screen controllers that interface with a vacuum transducer, electric vacuum and vent valves for automatic vacuum level control in addition to temperature PID control. All data is available for storage and/or download via a USB port.


  • Automatic vacuum control with electric valves and vacuum transducer 
  • Internal shelf heating to maximize conduction heating where needed
  • Low operating costs due to no wasted power heating external walls