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Join us at the 2018 Assembly Show

Leak Testing

Exhibit Hall: Get Face to Face with the Experts

Join us at Booth #1438 near the Town Square to get face to face with the global leaders of automated production leak testing systems. Our engineering and sales team will be available to discuss your unique applications including:

  • Paul Chamberlain — CEO, General Manager
  • JP Deluca — Sales Manager, Leak Detection Product Manager
  • Brad Neumann — Applications Engineer 
  • Chris Romero — Sales Manager, Western US and Mexico

Our leak testing systems are configured in either bench-top instruments, automated workstations, or fully integrated production systems, Learn how our leak test systems are designed to meet all your unique requirements, including cost, throughput requirements, test method, degree of automation, and machine flexibility. Learn more about our Complete Leak Testing Solutions.

Learning Theater: Ingress Leak Testing—Protecting Products from their Environment

What is the impact of foreign material ingression on your product?  Leak Detection Product Manager JP Deluca will present Ingress Leak Testing: Protecting Products from their Environment.

  • When: Wednesday, October 24 at 1:00 pm
  • Where: Learning Theater Track #2

What will I Learn?

Engineers are required to design and manufacture products which must function in a wide range of challenging environments. Ingress of foreign materials into a product can reduce shelf life, operating life, alter performance, or render the product inoperable all together. Such environments include high dust and humidity, water immersion, or even the inside of the human body, just to mention a few. Understanding the wide range of environments a product will be exposed to and the impact foreign material ingression may have on the product is key to developing a maximum acceptable ingress leak rate for the product. Additionally, a comprehensive knowledge of the different leak testing methods including capabilities, strengths, and limitations, is essential to successfully implementing an effective production leak test protocol. To gain a greater understanding of the different leak testing methods, we will review common challenges, leak test methods, and industry standards and practices related to leak testing for ingress protection.

About the Presenter

JP Deluca has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and over 35 years’ experience in Leak Testing solutions. He is serving as Sales Manager and Leak Detection Product Manager for LACO Technologies. JP spent 30 years with Alcatel Vacuum Products, employed in several positions, among them Leak Detection Director of Sales, Product Team Director and VP of Sales (IRIS market). He has authored multiple articles centered around leak testing solutions for publications such as Assembly Magazine, Quality, R&D, Vacuum Technology and Coating (VTC), and Gases & Technology. Additionally, he has presented several papers in venues such as the PDA Convention (Kyoto), local AVS chapters, and several US labs. His expertise includes air leak testing methods, all types of helium leak testing methods and technologies, and non-helium tracer gas leak testing processes.


Visit our booth to talk with us about our leak testing solutions and and receive a voucher good for a free leak standard! This is an exclusive Assembly Show offer with a value up to $500.