Product Testing Vacuum System
Series CC Cube Chamber

An electronics manufacturer needed to conduct performance tests the recording and playback systems installed in their equipment. Typically, anechoic chambers are used to test the noise figure of an analog front end of a recording audio system. However, this customer wanted an alternative way to test the audio. 


We engineered a portable, cart vacuum system with a custom Series CC 20" Cube Clear Clamped-Top Load Vacuum Chamber for full visibility and high volume. Featuring coaxial and USB feedthroughs, this product testing system proved highly effective for drastically removing the amount of ambient noise. This allowed engineers to test the electric noise of the circuit rather than the stray ambient noise that is uncontrolled.


  • Fully integrated portable cart system
  • Clear acrylic chamber for full visibility 
  • Chamber features vertical/top loading chamber lid, full access swing hinge, and quick door clamp closure
  • Custom ports including coaxial and USB feedthroughs