X1P19151 Front View
X1P19151 Front Close

A science-led healthcare company required a package testing system to conduct ASTM D6653 altitude testing on their product packaging. We engineered a custom package testing system with a customized, top-loading cylindrical chamber (based on our standard Series VI 24" X 24" VI Vacuum Chamber) and added  interior and exterior electropolishing to make the chamber compatible for medical grade applications. 

The system included a custom throttling valve that enables precise control internal pressure, and a  VC-2500 Vacuum Controller provided both automated and manual vacuum control with customizable software and test recipes for their unique vacuum processes. 


  • Fully integrated system with easily movable cart
  • Full access swing hinge acrylic lid with quick door clamp closure
  • Custom ports including multiple feedthroughs
  • Custom throttling valve
  • #4 Grain Machine Polished Inside and Outside