Custom package testing system for altitude testing of military and defense products.


Our client required a vacuum system for altitude testing to ASTM D6653 test standards. This test simulates the effects that a product would be subjected to in the cargo hold of an aircraft.

When altitude testing, a typical test cycle  pumps a chamber down to a specified pressure level and vents back to atmosphere as rapidly as possible so each test cycle can be accomplished as quickly as possible. Our client, however, required a strict regulation of pump down and rate of return. 


We engineered a custom package testing system with a custom Series CI carbon steel vacuum chamber and a VC-3000 Controller. This controller enabled custom software programming that operated like a PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) type controller and ramped pressure within the chamber up and down according to the ASTM-specified rate using a butterfly valve and a choke. 


  • Fully integrated, portable vacuum system
  • Cube, front-loading chamber with full access swing hinge door and quick door clamp closure
  • Custom ports including 6" viewport