Custom cart degassing system
Custom cart degassing system VC-1000 Vacuum Control Package

A leading provider of electronics, missions systems integration, and other communication systems required a custom vacuum degassing system for proprietary system components. We engineered a complete custom degas system with a high-visibility, high-volume chamber, and the VC-1000 vacuum control package. Economical and easy-to-use, the control package includes controller, InstruTech® Stinger Vacuum Gauge with adjustable setpoint control, and a NW25 electric vacuum and vent valve. 

Key Features

  • VC-1000 Vacuum Control Package provides vacuum control using a vacuum control switch, allowing the vacuum solendoid valve to remain open until the vacuum setpoint is reached. A separate toggle switch will be used to open and close the vent solenoid as needed by the operator.
  • Fully integrated degassing system includes LOME20025 Oil Mist Eliminator, LACO Model W2V20 7 CFM oil sealed TWO stage rotary vane vacuum
    pump, clear inlet trap, SuperBee Vacuum Gauge, and all required hoses, feedthroughs, and connectors