Dual chamber bombing system
Bombing system chamber Atlas Leak Test Process Controller

A manufacturer of capacitors for military, energy, and aerospace applications required a bombing chamber system. Using our ATLAS™ Leak Test Process Controller we engineered a fully automated, PLC controlled dual chamber helium bombing system. 

Key Features

  • Two 10"X10" Leak Test ASME Pressure Bombing Chambers (100 PSI)
  • ATLAS™ Leak Test Process Controller with flexible controller allowing for helium charging, evacuation, air proof testing, and decay testing of products for tracer gas leak testing. Features include: 
    • Ethernet interface and remote control (RS232)
    • Enter test ID data manually or via bar code
    • Test summary log or live data stream to CSV file
    • Retrieve data by SD card or Ethernet connection
    • Data storage capacity of over 5 million test results via internal 8GB SD card