A company specializing in the design and manufacture of electro-mechanical hermetically sealed relays, time delay devices and mating sockets required a helium bombing system.  Using our standard 10" X 10" Leak Test Pressure Bombing Chambers, we engineered a custom tabletop bombing system integrating our ATLAS™ Leak Test Process Controller for automated control over both bombing chambers.


  • 10"X10" Leak Test ASME Pressure Bombing Chamber features stainless steel construction, completely removable lid with large opening, 3 - 1/4" NPT ports on cross-for supply, evacuation and vent, and a 0-30 inHg to 100 psi compound gauge. The chamber operates up to 100 psi, and is ASME stamped and approved for 110 psi.
  • ATLAS™ Leak Test Process Controller with helium charging with part evacuation, air fill, and helium fill options and up to 100 customized test recipes (see product link for full specifications)
  • System components shipped for on-site assembly on customer workstation