A global supplier of automotive components required a small footprint leak test system capable of batch testing multiple A/C hoses. The customer required custom tooling to support two unique part shapes with testing that includes an inner and outer tube pressure decay test, helium leak test, and manual sniffer test option. 

LACO engineers provided a flexible solution using our FLEXSTATION helium leak test system along with acustom leak test chambers machined out of aluminum billet. With chambers featuring minimal test volume and hard interface tooling, the paths made in the aluminum precisely fit the complex shape of the part, reducing dead space and speeding test cycles. 


  • FLEXSTATION helium leak test system
  • Custom machine billeted aluminum vacuum chamber with two tooling blocks to fit two hose models
  • Software options to include:
    • Multiple passwords for engineering and maintenance to restrict access to manual modes and editing test recipes
    • Options to interface with automated or manually actuated test fixtures
    • Options to integrate with part marking systems
    • Options for multiple configurations for integrating the calibrated leak into the system for calibration
    • Configurable for manual button, automatic or remote cycle initiation