Aerospace equipment company required a custom leak test system for multiple models of refrigeration assemblies. Test requirements include a nitrogen proof and gross leak test prior to the helium test. We engineered a custom turnkey leak test system with custom programmed controller software to automate a leak test process that required custom test recipes for multiple leak test methods, parts, and leak rates.

Key Features

  • Leak test chamber is a 48" X 86" belt-driven actuating horizontal chamber that operates on a sliding rail to enclose the part shelf and seal to the bulkhead door
  • Custom bulkhead is machine-polished to ensure seal and equipped with multiple custom ports and feedthroughs
  • Safety measures include a chamber enclosure fence during chamber actuation . Actuation stops if light curtain barrier is breached.
  • High pressure booster for the nitrogen proof test of the refrigerant circuit increases pressure from 80 psig to 625 psig
  • Custom controller with PC interface with ethernet connection to customer's network