A company specializing in satellite platforms for space communication, tracking, surveillance and remote sensing required a high volume, high capacity bake-out oven for batch drying satellite components. System requirements included two internal shelf heaters, external wall heating featuring integrated thermal control, customizable test recipes, temperatures up to 150 °C, multiple custom ports, and several feedthroughs.

Using our expertise in both standard vacuum ovens and thermal vacuum systems for space simulation, we engineered a feature rich bake-out system with all the custom components required to meet the application requirements.


  • Fully integrated, portable bake-out system with internal shelf and external wall heating
  • High volume, front loading 30" W x 30" L x 30" H vacuum cube chamber with two custom 6" viewports, internal shelf, #4 grain polished interior, internal lighting, glass bead blast exterior, and custom ports and feedthroughs
  • HVC-3500 thermal vacuum controller provides automated vacuum and temperature control, customizable testing software, and adjustable test recipes for unique testing requirements
  • Cast aluminum hot plate shelf  with heaters capable of temperatures up to 150 °C. Ideal for direct and uniform control of temperatures through conductance heating of the shelf and customer parts