A laser welding company that serves the aerospace, medical, and semiconductor industries required two, custom production leak detectors for leak testing parts welded under vacuum. 

Our TitanTest P-Series helium mass spectrometer leak detector provided a robust solution for their application. With one leak detector equipped with a 3.5 CFM vacuum pump, and the other a 14 CFM pump, each TitanTest configuration was customized to meet our customer requirements. The  TW04-CXX11 TitanTest cart-mounted leak detectors also featured the optional stainless steel work surface and the relocation of the internal rotary vane pump from the TitanTest to the cart below. 

Key Features

  • TitanTest P-Series helium mass spectrometer leak detector with three leak test modes (Gross, Fine, Ultra), three leak test methods (Vacuum, Sniff, AutoTest)
  • Bypass Valve Connection Kit: Electric operated (vacuum pilot) valve with NW-25 piping and metal flex hose. Includes an integrated 40 micron bronze filter and electrical connector for Valve Control
  • Custom external pump configurations
  • 2-year warranty on the leak detector unit, plus 3-year enhanced warranty on the analyzer cell