A national research facility specializing  in jet propulsion systems for satellites and interplanetary space travel required a vacuum degassing system for degassing epoxy for use in aerospace components.  


  • Degassing system with full thermal control using swivel-mounted HVC-3500 Thermal Vacuum Controller  to control external, insulated cylindrical band heaters capable of 150 degrees C. 
  • System features a custom LVC2424-3312-VH Series VH Chamber with vertical hinged lid with shock supports, hold-down clamps (rated for full vacuum and positive pressure to 15 psi),  6" DIA glass viewport, and internal lighting
  • Removable rotary table with 21" diameter located in bottom of chamber with rotary shaft feedthrough for DC motor with motor control box with on/off switch and speed control for positioning of product.
  • Custom ports and feedthroughs to support lighting, power, and barb fitting for customer material to be fed into chamber
  • Full on-site installation, training, and buyoff package