Manufacturer of spacecraft components needed the ability to process and validate their imaging systems under extreme pressure and temperature conditions.

We engineered a custom thermal vacuum system capable of achieving extreme vacuum and thermal conditions. The system components features a custom LVC3640-3322-HH Series HH Horizontal High Vacuum Chamber, and our HVC-3500 Thermal Vacuum Controller programmable settings, data logging, and custom test recipes. Our innovative heat and cooling systems utilized multiple methods of thermal control to meet customer specifications. 

Key Features

  • Slide-out stainless steel platen for direct heating and cooling of customer part
  • Multiple thermal control methods, including LN2, electric heating, and fluid heating and cooling to be used with multiple platens, an internal chiller shroud, and open bath style circulators
  • Custom ports and feedthroughs including a CRYO rated LN2 port, chiller ports, and borosilicate glass viewports
  • HVC-3500 Thermal Vacuum Controller for automated PLC vacuum and thermal control, programmable settings, data logging, and custom test recipes