A global provider of medical, agricultural, and safety solutions required a flexible leak test system for testing a variety of small pumps. 

Using the helium hard vacuum leak test method, we engineered custom, semi-automated leak test system featuring our TITANTEST P-Series Helium Leak Detector with External 14 CFM Pump and Pneumatic Valve, a custom top-loading test chamber, and an ATLAS™ Leak Test Process Controller.

Key Features

  • Custom cylindrical top loading test chamber with two ports for helium hard vacuum (inside/out) leak test. Chamber equipped with internal tooling to connect the part to the evac and helium backfill line
  • ATLAS™ Leak Test Process Controller features 
    • Helium charging with part evacuation, nitrogen fill, and helium fill options
    • Ability to remotely monitor TitanTest™ Leak Detector
    • Comprehensive flow and pressure ranges 
    • Fully automated testing set in hard vacuum test mode
    • Internal memory SD card 8 GB (memory space).