A company specializing in satellite platforms for space communication, tracking, surveillance and remote sensing required a custom leak test system for testing satellite components. Customer requirements included a high-capacity testing chamber, automated leak test process controller, and optional helium sniffer mode.

Using standard system components, we engineered a custom leak test solution starting with our quality standard system components — customized to meet the application requirements. Our TITANTEST P-series helium leak detector on cart with external dry 8 CFM pump is ideal for highly sensitive applications typically found in the space simulation and aerospace industries. 

Our engineers integrated  the TITANTEST helium leak detector with our ATLAS controller for managing the helium pressurization of parts while under vacuum. Additionally, we customized our standard 20" cube high vacuum chamber and added custom ports, viewports, hoses, and a glass bead blast finish inside and out. The system was also equipped with a helium sniffer probe that was easily integrated with the TITANTEST leak detector for leak location via sniffing at atmosphere if the test parts failed the initial vacuum helium leak test.

Key Features