A global provider of refrigeration and temperature control solutions required an automated leak test system with a custom leak test chamber designed hold over 300 unique manifold parts. Customer requirements included high pressure capabilities, custom tooling, data logging, and barcode scanning. 

We engineered a leak test system utilizing the TITANTEST P-Series Helium Leak Detector, an ATLAS™ Leak Test Process Controller, a custom-tooled leak test chamber, barcode reader, and sniffer probe. Capable of logging test data such as the part number, pass/fail, test value, time, and date, this integrated leak test system combines power components to enable simple operator use. 

Key Features

  • Custom tooled leak test chamber with nests to secure manifold parts. Chamber capable of accommodating over 300 parts, and includes pressure safety switch, high pressure relief valve, and fast connectors to facilitate improved cycle times
  • TITANTEST P-Series Helium Leak Detector includes:
    • Three leak test modes (Gross, Fine, Ultra)
    • Three test methods (Vacuum, Sniff, Auto Test)
    • Auto-calibration with built-in helium calibrated leak standard
    • Audio alarm
    • Flexible I/O interface with external vacuum pump control and helium gas charge integration
    • Two serial communication protocols\
    • AutoTest method allows for semi-automatic and fully automatic leak testing
    • Two-year warranty on the unit, plus 3-year enhanced warranty on the analyzer cell
  • ATLAS™ Leak Test Process Controller fully automates the HCS and includes comprehensive flow and pressure ranges and customized test recipes