A manufacturer of A/C and temperature control components required a low volume production leak test system. Because their leak test process required high pressure helium, we engineered a custom cart to accommodate the cylinder. With all system components mounted on a portable cart, this system provides powerful leak testing with a TITANTEST P-Series Helium Leak Detector.

Key Features

  • TITANTEST P-Series Leak Detector includes high-capacity oil mist eliminator, high-capacity inlet filter,  proprietary autotest software, and a powerful remote interface protocol
  • Portable cart system with custom designed accessory to hold a 7" high pressure helium cylinder
  • TITANTEST P-Series leak detector includes:
    • Three leak test modes (Gross, Fine, Ultra)
    • Three test methods (Vacuum, Sniff, Auto Test)
    • Auto-calibration with built-in helium calibrated leak standard
    • Audio alarm
    • Flexible I/O interface with external vacuum pump control and helium gas charge integration
    • Two serial communication protocols\
    • AutoTest method allows for semi-automatic and fully automatic leak testing
    • Two-year warranty on the unit, plus 3-year enhanced warranty on the analyzer cell