A defense and cybersecurity company required a custom vacuum system for degassing components for aerospace and missile defense. We engineered a custom vacuum system based on a 12" X 12" Cube Industrial Vacuum Chamber with custom ports and gauges. 


  • Fully integrated vacuum degassing system includes 12" X 12" Cube Industrial Vacuum Chamber, two-stage oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump,  InstruTech® SuperBee digital vacuum gauge, clear trap, oil mist eliminator, and all the related hoses and connectors mounted on a mobile cart
  • VC-1000 Vacuum Controller integrates the vacuum gauges and vacuum valves based on an adjustable setpoint from the vacuum gauge using relay logic. Features include automatic setpoint control, manual vent and evacuation, and auto evacuation
  • Manual vacuum valve for full control of vacuum pump-down
  • Manual vent valves prevent overflows during compound degassing