A provider of consumer electronics components required a custom vacuum coating system for waterproof sealing of consumer electronics. 

LACO engineered a custom OEM solution for their process requirements including high-volume, batch part waterproofing. With multiple steps for part processing, we worked with our client to develop a custom solution for their process.

Key Features

  • High volume coating and deposition chamber with flat rail system, turntable and manual pins for locking roller cart 
  • Roller rack carts with 30 expanded 304 stainless steel trays, including include supports to reduce flexing upon load.
  • Insulated vaporization chamber with external heated walls (clam shell heaters) and internal heated aluminum platen with cooling channels for water or air cooling and chiller for fast cooling of platen. 
  • High volume degas chamber with aluminum frame stand with leveling feet for interfacing with system frame
  • Flat-rail system for roller cart movement
  • Insulated pyrolization chamber with single zone heating to 600 °C