A manufacturer required a large vacuum system with easy loading and unloading that could cure their products under heat, inert gases with both low pressure and vacuum.

A single PLC-controlled system is used to process product through three vacuum chambers at a time with room to add additional chambers as needed.  Control system allows for custom recipes for adjusting heat, vacuum and inert back fill gases to low pressures for product treatments. 


  • Multi-chamber system with transport carts and integrated tray system
  • Chamber accessories include control cabinets for remote I/O, pnuematic manifolds, heater relays, light towers, and support frames
  • Chamber doors feature butterfly double acting hinge,  extra swing bolt door clamp closures for overpressure, and proximity sensors for positive indications doors are closed
  • Designed for both vacuum to 10-3 Torr (29.9 inhG) and up to 10 psig with inert gases