• System: High pressure, pneumatic operated pressure booster system to achieve test pressures and optimize helium usage
  • Design: L-style cradle feet to support chamber, mounted on mobile cart
  • Safety: Cladded vacuum chamber and reusable pressure relief vent
  • Access Door: Designed to effortlessly open and close with pneumatic operated clamps
  • Sliding Shelf: Designed with slide out shelf for easy loading/unloading of parts
  • Automation and Controls: PC-based LabView application with custom reports


  • Vacuum Chamber: 18" Ø x 30" deep stainless steel horizontal cylinder
  • Finish: Bead blasted (inside and out)
  • Test Method: Helium hard vacuum
  • Leak Rate: Helium leak tested to 1E-8
  • Vacuum Rating: Capable of pumping down the chamber to achieve better than 1 Torr (<0.2 psia)
  • Pressure Test Requirements: Designed to maintain the set pressure of at least < 0.2 psia, 5 psia, 8 psia, and 14.7 psia, while the test rig tests the "unit under test" between sea level ambient pressure (14.7 psia) and rough vacuum (< 0.2 psia).