Custom Vacuum Degassing: Encapsulation System
Custom Degas System: Front View Automated Degassing System - Watch Now!

A manufacturer of electronic components required an encapsulation system capable of degassing two separate fluids, then while under vacuum combining the fluids into individual potting enclosures for multiple electronic part encapsulation. 

We engineered a vacuum degassing system capable of encapsulating components with a two-part epoxy. This unique solution integrates two vacuum degassing chambers with a flow system feeding into a potting vacuum chamber. Each epoxy component is degassed separately and then combined through a mixing nozzle all while under vacuum. The potting vacuum chamber is equipped with a liquid injector and motorized table capable of holding multiple parts.


  • Two vacuum degas chambers
  • Potting vacuum chamber for encapsulation
  • Liquid pump for epoxy flow
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Motorized rotary table in potting chamber
  • Automatic vacuum level controller
  • Digital vacuum gauges