• Replace existing water dunk testing with operator independent and reliable test system
  • Design systems to be flexible and movable
  • Design tooling to be upgraded or changed out with minimal cost and effort
  • High reliability and uptime
  • Ability to conduct "audit" test on the system at 100 times better sensitivity than the production reject limit
  • Automated calibration and validation


  • Custom engineered system using standard helium mass spectrometer leak detector
  • Accumulation system with unique gas recirculation system
  • Integration of two systems to one leak detector and controller for cost efficiency
  • Standard tooling platform for simple chamber/fixture upgrades
  • Systems design with locking casters for quick production line layout changes
  • Integrated helium calibrated leak standard for calibration and verification


  • Test Method:  Helium accumulation with chamber, helium applied to part
  • Leak rate:  less than 0.5 sccm
  • Throughput:  1 part every 30 seconds