Our customer sought to replace the old water dunk testing system with an operator-independent system that would result in increased uptime, reliability, and flexibility. Along with automated calibration and validation, they wanted the ability to conduct "audit" test on the system at 100 times better sensitivity than the production reject limit. Other requirements included custom tooling that could be upgraded or changed out with minimal cost and effort.  

We engineered a custom helium accumulation system featuring a unique gas recirculation system.  With a standard tooling platform that enabled simple chamber and fixture upgrades, and two systems using a single leak detector, we engineered a system that produced increased reliability and significant cost savings.

Key Features

  • Accumulation system with unique gas re-circulation system
  • Integration of two systems to one leak detector and controller for cost efficiency
  • Standard tooling platform for simple chamber/fixture upgrades
  • System designed with locking casters for quick production line layout changes
  • Integrated helium calibrated leak standard for calibration and verification