A manufacturer specializing in materials conversion required a leak test system to prevent water ingression into seismic nodes commonly used to read data from oceans and other bodies of water. As their current leak test system did not provide adequate reliability, new system requirements included: 

  • Reliably leak test to prevent water ingression
  • 100% data logging
  • Automated calibration and validation
  • Customizable, programmable leak testing

We engineered a fully-integrated custom leak test system using our TITANTEST P-Series Helium Leak Detector and ATLAS Leak Process Controller, together providing the most cost-effective high performance production leak testing solution on the market.

Key Features

  • TITANTEST P-Series Helium Leak Detector with feature-packed software, comprehensive options, and “plug & play” accessories
  • ATLAS Leak Process Controller, configured for the helium accumulation leak test method with gas re-circulation
  • Serial interface to customer data logging system
  • Integrated helium calibrated leak standard for calibration and verification