NONA Composites required a vacuum degassing system for curing epoxy infused composite parts without an oven or autoclave—an  designed to create infused carbon epoxy parts for NASA's space program. 

We engineered a vacuum degassing system for degassing of the two-part resin to an absolute pressure of 13.3 Pa (0.1 torr) over 10 minutes, and kept below 30 °C throughout the infusion. To learn more about how NONA Composites utilized our degassing system, see Composite Tooling Without Oven or Autoclave in Composites World magazine. 

Key Features

  • Integrated vacuum system with a two stage oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump and trap all mounted on a common base
  • Manual vacuum valve and vent valves enable full control of the vacuum pump down and quick venting to prevent overflows during the degassing of compounds