Space Simulation Testing Chamber System

A designer of satellite components required a thermal vacuum system for testing parts in a low earth orbit environment. Customer specifications included a temperature range from -130 °C to 200 °C in the vacuum range of 10-5 Torr, accommodation for various sized parts and applications including antennas, CubeSat components, cameras, etc. This system is compatible with customer's unique software for recipe generation and data acquisition. 


We engineered a custom thermal vacuum system utilizing LN2 and electrical heat elements to achieve the target temperature range. The system features a customized Series HH 36" X 40" Vacuum Chamber with several custom ports and feedthroughs for monitoring and recording part testing. A 24" W x 36" L platen accommodates multiple-sized parts and can be pulled out for easy part loading. 

Key Features

  • Portable, integrated thermal vacuum system using LN2 and electrical heat elements
  • Liquid nitrogen regulation system with controller
  • 24" W X 36" L pull-out platen for easy part loading and unloading
  • Turbo Pumping Package: 400 L/sec - achieved 10-7 Torr pressure
  • 36" X 40" Vacuum Chamber with quick release clamp and full opening swing style hinged door