Vacuum degassing system for liquid polymer degassing. 


A manufacturer of vacuum coating products required production degassing system for degassing of large quantities of liquid polymer within an efficient cycle time. 


We engineered a custom degassing  system capable of degassing up to three 55-gallon drums of polymer or any liquids that may require a vacuum degassing process.  The system uses a  diaphragm transfer pump designed to quickly empty 55 gallon drums of the polymer or resin and deposit the contents into the degassing chamber. 


  • Large, 165-gallon capacity vacuum chamber
  • Lift and swing hinged lid
  • Load cells on chamber with display
  • 28 cfm, two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump
  • Air-operated double diaphragm transfer pump
  • Sight glass ports with shutoff valves
  • High and low sensors
  • High vacuum gauges
  • Automatic valves for fill and draining