Custom Solution

Cube style custom thermal space simulation vacuum system for cubesat testing.


Technology institute required a high vacuum thermal vacuum system for testing cubesats (mini satellites). Testing specifications required a high level of custom, programmable temperature and vacuum control.


We engineered a custom system that includes a custom version of our Series CH 24" X 24" CH Vacuum Chamber, the HVC-3500 Thermal Vacuum Controller, custom ports and feedthroughs, and a hot/cold stainless steel platen rated to -40°C to + 60°C. This HVC-3500 controller provided automated vacuum and temperature control, customizable software, and adjustable test recipes for their unique testing requirements.


  • Portable thermal vacuum system with large tabletop area
  • 22" square platen
  • Vacuum down to 10-6 Torr
  • Temperature range from -40°C to +60°C using external chiller
  • Custom ports and feedthroughs