Prototype system

A medical device manufacturer required  vacuum drying oven for their unique process requirements. In order to dry their sensitive part correctly, the system must adhere to very strict requirements for temperature exposure and liquid saturation times. We engineered a vacuum drying system that was able to reduce the drying time by over a factor of five times while maintaining product dryness uniformity. The flexibility of the system allowed the customer to also perform significant process developments in order to optimize the drying process.

Key Features

  • Multiple platens/shelves controlled over a temperature range of -30 to +75 C, with +- 0.5 C temperature uniformity
  • Cryogenic cooled condenser to trap water vapor
  • Dynamic pressure control system to precisely control the drying rate
  • Heated inert gas purge system with internal gas distribution manifold
  • Flexible software to allow the customer to build his own customized automated drying sequences