Rugged and easy to use, LACO’s LHSP07 Helium Spray Probe is designed for use in maintenance or production leak detection applications. The LHSP07 Helium Spray Probe includes an adjustable, 0-25psig, point-of-use regulator and a lightweight refillable reservoir for convenient transportation to any location without taking a helium bottle. This spray probe also comes with a 10’ hose and adaptor for direct connection to a regulated helium supply. LACO also offers the optional helium regulator LHRE G-01 for connection to helium supply tanks.


  • Ergonomic and lightweight spray gun with 8" long flexible rubber-wrapped SS tip.
  • Built in helium regulator for precise flow control of spray gas from 0 to 25 psig.
  • Quick disconnect fitting between reservoir and spray gun for easy storage and easy gas refilling
  • 10 feet of 1/4" OD polyurethane tubing with 1/4" Male NPT fitting for connection to customer tank and regulator for reservoir refilling.
  • Includes adaptor for direct connection to helium bottle, if preferred.
  • Includes carry case for safe storage
  • Spray probe assembly is helium leak tested to less than 10-8 cc/sec.