Upgrade to Digital Readout
The LACO Digital Control Pendant is a smart and economical alternative to existing Alcatel 180T analog pendants. More powerful and durable than its analog counterpart, the LACO digital pendant features a dynamic digital display of leak rate and inlet pressure, stainless steel post with magnetic backed display, holder, and pendant cable.

  • Easy to read digital display
  • Durable contstruction
  • Magnetic backed pendant for easy mounting

For use on leak detector models:

  • ASM 180T
  • ASM 180TD+
  • ASM 181T
  • ASM 181T2
  • ASM 181TD+
  • ASM 181T2D+


  • Digital display includes leak rate in units of atm-cc/sec and the inlet pressure in torr.
  • Overall leak detector status and filament state are displayed.
  • Display also features a dynamic digital graph of the leak rate over nine decades.
  • Includes stainless steel post, stand display holder, and pendant cable.
  • Includes a magnetic-backing for mounting on the stand holder or other metal surfaces.


  • No confusion over reading analog logarithmic displays of leak rate.
  • Digital graph provides a highly visible indication of the changing leak rate.
  • Avoid breakage and expensive repairs of glass displays in the analog versions
  • Leak detector status is clearly displayed, (i.e. Autocal, Stand-By, Pump Down, Fine Test, Gross Test)
  • Magnetic backed pendant can mount onto any metallic surface.
  • Longer-life cycle on/off push buttons compared to traditional membrane switches.
  • Pendant displays leak rate units in atm-cc/sec and pressure units in Torr.
  • Cost savings of $1000 or more when compared to OEM analog pendant.