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A medical device manufacturer required a high volume, high-capacity bake-out oven for batch drying parts. With multiple part sizes, the customer requested flexible shelving to maximize space. System requirements included vacuum level to .1 mbar and an integrated temperature controller. 


We engineered a custom vacuum oven with nine locations for interchangeable shelves to maximize oven space and give flexibility to part sizes. With the ability to monitor up to five separate shelf heats simultaneously, this vacuum bake-out oven offers control, flexibility, and an efficient use of space. 


  • Fully integrated system with easily movable cart
  • High volume 36" W x 36" L x 36" H cube chamber with custom 6" viewport, five interchangeable shelves, and nine shelf locations
  • HC-1000 Temperature Controller monitors electrical heat of walls and shelves, and controls five separate shelf heats simultaneously