Take charge of your vacuum process with LACO’s complete vacuum oven solution

With fully integrated system components and powerful process automation, the LVO Series 18" Cylindrical Vacuum Oven features a single, internally heated shelf, and a range of configurable options to meet your oven process requirements. More powerful and efficient than traditional vacuum ovens, the LVO Series 18" Cylindrical Vacuum Oven features include:

  • Integrated system controller and vacuum pump
  • Fast, efficient conduction heating method with adjustable internally heated shelf
  • Real-time vacuum and temperature trending graphs via color touchscreen
  • Data log temperature and vacuum readings to USB drive
  • Configurable data units — vacuum and temperature

Powerful System Controller

LVO Vacuum Ovens come with our powerful HVC-2500 Heat & Vacuum Controller designed specifically to support a wide range of thermal testing features including:

  • Easy to use 7-inch color touchscreen display
  • Five configurable test recipes with a maximum of 20 steps per recipe
  • Programmable evacuation, vent, hold, and temperature/heat conditions
  • Vacuum and temperature test data with graphs and reports
  • Remote communication and control via via RS232 serial interface or Ethernet port
  • Data stored internally on SD card and downloadable via USB drive