Take control of your vacuum levels and part temperatures using an LVO Series Vacuum Oven


  • Apply heat where needed using conduction heating method with an adjustable height internally heated shelf
  • Fast and efficient energy-saving heat up times
  • No wasted energy heating up chamber walls
  • Real-time vacuum and temperature trending graphs on color touchscreen
  • Data log temperature and vacuum readings to USB drive via a CSV file
  • Vacuum and temperatures with selectable units


  • Door Type/Material: 304 SS with 6" glass viewport, or clear door
  • Oven Mounting: Benchtop or benchtop with cart setup
  • Vacuum Range: Industrial to Medium
  • Shelves: (internally heated): 1 - 4
  • Heated Control Zones: 1 or 2 zones (Ex: Shelves can be heated with 2 independent temperatures)
  • System Voltage: 120 VAC, 208-240 VAC
  • Vacuum Pumps: None, two-stage rotary vane, or dry vacuum—vacuum pump setups are fully integrated into bench top and cart units


  • LVO Standard Vacuum Oven: Complete our Standard Vacuum Oven Configurator - and select the options you require and submit for formal quotation
  • Project Design Assistance: Contact us using our Contact form or toll free number at 800-465-1004