Custom Solution

Custom vacuum chamber for product testing aircraft instrumentation.


An manufacturer of aircraft instrumentation needed an effective way to test their products for the harsh environment of aircraft where low temperatures and rapid pressure changes are common. They were currently using an acrylic chamber inside a Thermotron thermal chamber, but the acrylic material was preventing the quick temperature changes the product testing required. The customer required a alternate vacuum chamber to place inside the thermal chamber that still offered viewability without the insulation issues that came with an acrylic chamber.


Using thermal modeling techniques, LACO engineers designed a highly conductive aluminum vacuum chamber with an acrylic door to accomplish both requirements, quick cool down with good product visibility. The high heat transfer nature of aluminum allowed the chamber to meet the temperature range of -35° C to +45° C within the customer required time limits. Custom chamber based on our standard Series CI 24" X 24" Vacuum Chamber.


  • Front loading cube chamber with aluminum body and full access swing hinge acrylic door
  • Quick door clamp closure