Be confident in your package integrity and meet ASTM package testing standards with the convenience and simplicity of our standard Tabletop Package Testing System. Our 8″ DIA x 12″ H full-visibility acrylic test chamber is ideal for package testing small product packaging.


  • ASTM D3078-02(2013) - meets Standard Test Method for Determination of Leaks in Flexible Packaging by Bubble Emission
  • ASTM D4991-07 - meets Standard Test Method for Leakage Testing of Empty Rigid Containers by Vacuum Method
  • Acrylic chamber equipped with internal hold down disc for ensuring buoyant packages remain submerged during testing
  • Clear chamber construction allows for easy visibility and detection of air bubbles
  • Vacuum pump includes an adjustable valve for controlling the vacuum level to match the required specification
  • Pump and chamber are hard mounted to system base

Reliable product packaging is critical to prevent spills, contamination, and ensure product integrity during transportation. Issues such as packaging material compatibility, sealing machine setup, and contamination are factors that can affect the packaging seal reliability. Package testing in a vacuum environment can be a useful way of determining the integrity of product packaging.